Vision and Mission

Vision: Become the top hydro power investment company in Dolakha and Nepal by mobilizing funds for investment in generation, transmission and distribution of hydroelectricity and free the country from the chronic power shortage, provide energy security and realize its export potentials.

Mission: Mobilize funds from domestic and international financial institutions and markets to cater to the needs of investments in middle to mega hydroelectricity generation, transmission and distribution projects, offering timely and quality services to our customers and partners with integrity and professionalism, and creating value for our shareholders, while creating conducive work environment for the employees.

Core Values

  • Nation first
  • Aggressive, persistent and creative pursuit of opportunities
  • Unquestionable integrity in every aspect of business
  • Commitment to exceeding customer expectations
  • Operations in a fiscally sound environment
  • A personal commitment to a strong work ethic and achieving results

Goals: The Company operates with a goal to become a successful profitable company that is the leader in hydropower investments in the country with clear focus to invest in only middle to mega hydroelectricity generation, transmission and distribution projects.